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Outstanding Features

  • Wide range model.
  • High quality copper heating element.
  • Hi-tech (Italian) thermostat.
  • Hi-quality insulation for excellent heat retention.
  • Superior earthling to eliminate electric shock risk.
  • Coated with high gloss epoxy Polyester, for long lasting protection from corrosion.

AL Khatib Electric Water Heater Factory

The name (Mirage – Super Mirage – Steamex) began in 1970 and is known by its consumers as one of the biggest leading brands that makes life more comfortable and technically elevated not only in U.A.E but all around the world. A lot of care has always been taken in its design, the innovation and in respecting the environment.

We manufacture branded water heaters which provide a complete range to satisfy the ever increasing needs of our customers.

Our water heaters have been developed to give the best in terms of performance, design, reliability and keeping in mind the affordability. Our water heaters are produced using thicker gauge galvanized steel sheets for longer life. The safety and all other features are part of our customer assurance.

We have combined the skills and expertise of our people, from supervisors to crew members, into cohesive, smooth-functioning teams guided by communication and personal pride in their work.


Model Gallons Type Insulation Warranty
Super Mirage 12 gallon water heater Vertical Horizontal High density Glasswool 2 Years
Mirage 16 gallon water heater Vertical Horizontal /PUF insulation foam 2 Years
Stmex 12 gallon water heater Vertical Horizontal High density Glasswool 5 Years
Stmex 16 gallon water heater Vertical Horizontal /PUF insulation foam 5 Years

Water Heater Specifications:


The inner tank for Electric Water Heater is made of high quality heavy gauge thick hot dipped galvanized sheet with thicker zinc coating for long lasting life.


Thick high density polyurethane foam (PUF) by using two component polyurethane system (MB 140P) is filled around the inner tank for excellent heat retention, which minimizes heat loss and thus considerably saving on electricity bills.


High quality Italian make, pure copper sheathed heating element (Thread in type) permits rapid thermal exchange and easy to replace.


1- Single safety thermostat: Automatic- Plug in type Italian thermostat helps to control water temperature inside the boiler with adjustable temperature setting, maximum up to 80 o c.

2- Double safety thermostat: the Italian thermostat is combined with the temperature regulator; the system has a dual overheating control mechanism which cuts off supply of power automatically in the failure of the main thermostat.


The outer body is made of superior quality steel, with high gloss epoxy Polyester (white) to give superior finish and long lasting life.


Twin function non-return cum safety valve which maintains pressure inside the boiler, hence prevents expansion / explosion of inner tank, in the event of thermostat failure. Also this valve helps to retain water, inside the tank, thereby prevents draining of water and element burnout.

Specifications Super Mirage Mirage Stmex
Tank Volume 12 Gallons 16 Gallons 12/16 Gallons
Dimensions (H X DIA.) 500X380 680X380 500X380**680X380
Recovery at a 90°F Rise 6.8 GPH 6.8 GPH 6.8 GPH
Water Connections ½ inch NPT ½ inch NPT ½ inch NPT
Max. Working Pressure 7 Bar. 7 Bar. 7 Bar.
Rated Voltage 220v AC / 50Hz 220v AC / 50Hz 220v AC / 50Hz
Thermostat Rating 15 Amps / 73C 15 Amps / 73C 15 Amps / 73C
Functional -77 C -77 C -77 C
Inlet / outlet Pipe Size ½ “(15NB) BSPT ½ “(15NB) BSPT ½ “(15NB) BSPT
Installation / Rockwall installed installed included
Phase Single Single Single
Heating Capacity 1200-1500 Watts 1200-1500 Watts 1200-1500 Watts
Max. Operating Press 150 Psi 150 Psi 150 Psi
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