Metal construction

Undertakes the designing, fabrication and erection of steel structures, industrial buildings and ware houses, pipe works, pipe bridges, pipe supports, fuel tanks, floating decks, silos, platforms, conveyers, pontoons, stairs, handrails, etc. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery to execute all heavy duty projects for our customers. Our staff have been servicing the Structural Steel Fabrication.

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Repair and manufacturing services to customers using CNC machining equipment which includes milling, turning, drilling, horizontal and vertical honing, gear hobbling, racketing, gear grinding, horizontal, and vertical and in-line boring, metal spraying, dynamic balancing and cylindrical grinding. In addition to machining, we have a complete setup for dies and mould manufacturing to cater to the needs of businesses in the Gulf region.

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Has more than 15 years experience in the formation, development and production of construction equipments such as Portable Concrete Mixers, Concrete Buckets, Aluminum Cutting Machines, Cut-off Machines……etc. AL khatib Est. is one the of U.A.E leaders in the sector and one of the most advanced companies in The Gulf. We are manufacturing our products using advanced technology.

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AL Khatib Services

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Dewatering & Land Drainage Tensile Membrane Fabrication
  • Engine Rebuilding

AL Khatib wire steel nail factory

Al Khatib Nail Factory stands for high quality and safe products for all your beautiful nail needs. As a manufacturer we develop and produce almost our entire range of products ourselves, range from 1"-----5", we can make the packing as per your requests. Wood nails are made from black high grade steel 0.5mm (SAE-1008) Wire nails. The head types and headless offers good corrosion resistance and good strength.

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AL Khatib water heater factory

The name (Mirage – Super Mirage – Steamex) began in 1970 and is known by its consumers as one of the biggest leading brands that makes life more comfortable and technically elevated not only in U.A.E but all around the world. A lot of care has always been taken in its design, the innovation and in respecting the environment.

We manufacture branded water heaters which provide a complete range to satisfy the ever increasing needs of our customers.

Our water heaters have been developed to give the best in terms of performance, design, reliability and keeping in mind the affordability. Our water heaters are produced using thicker gauge galvanized steel sheets for longer life. The safety and all other features are part of our customer assurance.

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