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  • Dewatering & Land Drainage Tensile Membrane Fabrication
  • Engine Rebuilding

Cutting Machine Metal /Aluminum

Cut-off Machine

Cut off machine is manufactured by our company to fit for the cutting of various steel pipes, round bars, angles, channels etc... They are sidely applied to the architecture, decoration and machine work in the industries.  Cut ability is high and strong.  Long life and good performance.

Mixer Blade Dia. 400mm Power (kw) 2.2
Rated Voltage 220-240V/120V Electric Motor Power 3PH / 230v /50HZ /2.2 kw
Rated Frequency 50 HZ Electric Motor speed 2780 rpm
Three Phase 3A Work Pressure 3 bar
2M3 1800 X1800 X 1730 329 kg Available
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